The Best French Country Bath Accessories from Amazon

It seems like everyone I know spent the summer in France, and it has me dreaming of bringing some of that ethereal style home. And where better to slow down and indulge than by making your bathroom decor Old World? If you’re looking to infuse some French country style into your own bathroom but don’t want to spend a fortune, read on for the best French country bath accessories from Amazon. I scoured the site for beautiful, understated, luxurious accessory sets that bring in that French aesthetic without clobbering you over the head with French kitsch. After all, the French woman is nothing if not effortless.

​I’ve curated a list of the best French country bath accessories from Amazon. The free shipping, easy customer service, and ability to ship just about anywhere makes me spend…a lot…with Amazon each year. I am currently doing a renovation on our beach house in Mexico and I was surprised to find that Amazon had a huge selection of bathroom faucets, shower hardware, and even vanities. You should be able to find everything you need (and more!) for your bathroom project in one place.

French Country Bath Inspiration

Photo by Jamie Beck

When I think of French country bathroom design inspiration, I immediately go to a few of my favorite designers and artists. Jamie Beck is an American artist living in Provence. Her book, An American in Provence: Art, Life, and Photography is nothing short of stunning. It is full of beautiful essays, still-life photography, recipes, and reflections on what French living is all about. I bought her book for myself and within an hour of receiving it, bought a copy for my sister for Christmas. It is an excellent coffee table book for yourself or anyone with a traveling soul. Her new book, The Flowers of Provence, is available for pre-order and will be out in October 2024 (I’ve already pre-ordered it!)

Photo by Le Mas de Poiriers

My other main inspiration is Shauna Varvel, owner of Le Mas de Poiriers, a beautifully-restored family home in the French countryside that the family rents out for a few months of the year. Le Mas is full of custom fabrics, French antiques, and a melding of old and new that feels perfectly situated in an 18th century farmhouse, yet as luxurious as you would expect for a house that rents for more in a week than many people make in a year. Her book, Provence Style: Decorating with a French Country Flair, goes in depth on her restoration and design process and how to incorporate it for yourself.

Building Blocks: Neutral Colors, Natural Textures, Antique Touches

If you’re struggling with how to decorate your bathroom, focus on the building blocks of French design. Aim for neutral (but not completely the same) colors, natural textures like wicker and wood, and antique touches like vintage mirrors or an old dresser-turned-sink vanity.

If you’re not up for converting an old dresser into a vanity, there are plenty of lovely options you can buy. These vanities have all the hallmarks of French country furniture, with turned feet, decorative knobs and pulls, and high-end touches like a marble countertop…but they come in at a fraction of the cost of a real antique. Try one of these to anchor your French country bathroom.

On top left, we have a cream-colored single sink vanity that strikes the right balance between feminine design and overly Grandma. This one comes in mint green as well, which would be a nice punch of color if you’re doing an otherwise neutral look. Get your white sink here or the mint green one here.

The bottom left vanity is actually the same style as the top left, but in a larger size and with different handles and pulls. The true white color gives it a more modern look than the antique white, and the additional width makes room for additional drawers and undersink storage. Get yours here.

In the middle, we have a more modern take on French country, with clean lines and classic design that works as well with a clawfoot tub as it would with an all-glass shower. This one features 6 working drawers and an undersink cabinet, with plenty of counter space. As with all the vanities here, I would change out the hardware for gold if you go with a gold mirror (see some beautiful options below!) Get yours here.

Gold Mirrors

A great way to add some luxury and French design into your bathroom is with a gold mirror. If you’re not willing to wait to find a vintage one, or don’t want to invest the money, there are beautiful options on Amazon that will take any French country bathroom to the next level. I focused on options that have some rustic charm but in an upscale way, without being too bogged down with gilt and curlicues. 

My favorite gold mirrors from Amazon are these 4. All four have excellent reviews and are priced between $24 and $200, making them the perfect accessories for a bathroom without breaking the bank.

The top left option is perfect for a single sink vanity. The antique details on top and the curved edges add a luxurious feel, while the sleek lines of the rest of the mirror keep it feeling fresh and updated. It is my favorite of the bunch. Get yours here.

​On top right, you have a more modern take. If you’re not wanting to go full-on French country, this is a good choice. The scalloped edges look good with a variety of decor choices, so you’re not locked into pairing it with French bathroom accessories, but yet it would look totally appropriate in a French country bathroom. Hang this one vertically or horizontally. Get yours here.

The bottom left option is the best one for a guest bathroom or powder room in my opinion, because the round shape does give it limited visibility. It might not be practical enough for a bathroom that’s getting everyday use, but I love both the round design and the thickness of the gold frame. The detailing is enough to keep it interesting without overpowering the piece, but it is small (12.2 inches) so it won’t work in all spaces. Get yours here. If you need a bigger option, this oval mirror has a similar feel but in a larger size.

Finally, on bottom right, we have the busiest of the mirrors. I don’t love that the gold on this one is super bright, but I do love that it feels regal and like it stands alone not just as a functional mirror but as a piece of wall decor. If you’re looking for luxury, this is the mirror for you. Get yours here.

French Country Bath Accessories

I found four sets of bath accessories that will go well in any bathroom. These sets include a toothbrush holder, soap dish, liquid soap dispenser, and a small drinking cup. I went with designs that add a pop of color without overwhelming the bathroom, but you could go with all white bathroom accessories. My favorites in the all-white category are this (classic designs with gold accents) and this (more modern, but still works with French country).

If you are open to color, my favorite is this green glass set in the top right. The gold accents tie into the gold mirror, and the etching on the glass is interesting without being overdone. The glass jar is a useful addition to hold cotton swabs, cotton balls, or even as a jewelry holder, and the reviews are great. Get yours here.

If you want to stick with a more traditional French look, the bottom left set is the one for you. The black and white scheme, along with the French motif, make it clear this is a French bathroom, but they aren’t too overpowering as long as you don’t pair it with too many other similar decor items. Get yours here.

There are two blue options I love. The bottom right set is similar to the green one up top, with a soap dish, a cup, a toothbrush holder, and a liquid soap or lotion dispenser. The floral pattern and smoky blue color go perfectly with French country style. Get yours here. The soap dispenser on the top left is another cute option for a powder room, as it does not have a full set that goes with it. Get yours here.

French Country Bathroom Decor

I don’t love a lot of decor in a bathroom, honestly. I like to keep it simple with practical items and a bit of wall decor. Check out this curated collection of upscale French country bathroom decor from Amazon to complete your look. I focused on neutral colors, natural textures, and items that feel both current and vintage.

I have two favorite French country shower curtains – the cream-colored linen curtain pictured here, with a beautiful ruffle detail. Get yours here. If you want a pattern, I love this toile shower curtain…it comes in black, blue, and red, and it will up your French factor in a big way. Get yours here.

Up next is a huge pack (97 in all!) of vintage wall prints in neutral colors. I love that there are little pops of green, which would go great with the green bathroom accessories up above, and that you can mix and match depending on the size of your bathroom. These come unframed, so you can pick frames that go with your room – I recommend picking frames that match your bathroom hardware or that blend in with your wall color. Get yours here.

Continuing clockwise, we have a water hyacinth waste basket. Provence is known for its beautiful baskets, and one of the easiest ways to add a little French flair into your bathroom is to incorporate wicker or woven elements. There are lots of great wicker trash cans, but I like the simplicity of this one and the wide weave of the water hyacinth. Get yours here.

Every bathroom needs to smell fresh, and this French lavender diffuser set does the job with a scent that is quintessentially French. Get yours here. If you’re still looking for wall decor, grab this Le Bain (the bathroom) hanging sign, perfect for any French country bathroom. Get yours here.

Last up, I adore these bee-themed bathroom hand towels. The bee motif feels French but in an updated way, and I love the white and grey color scheme of this bath towel, which works well in any room. Grab yours here.

Wrap Up

If you’re looking to bring a little Provence into your bathroom, there are tons of gorgeous options on Amazon. Stick with neutral colors (whites, beiges, tans, greys, and blacks) but go heavy on texture. Natural elements like grass waste baskets, linen shower curtains, and waffle weave hand towels create the cozy, layered-over-time look that French country decor is known for. Pick one or two statement pieces, like a gorgeous gold mirror, and mimic the finishes throughout the other bathroom hardware. Ready to design your own French country bathroom?

I'm Ashley, the founder of Wanderlux and a travel junkie. When I'm not at home near Seattle, Washington, you can find me on the beach in Mexico or traveling the world. Wherever I am, I aim to travel respectfully, show my kids new things, and learn more than I teach.




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