Best Luxury Travel Accessories for Men – 2024 Gift Guide

A few years ago, my husband was always on the road. He spent years as a Global Services member on United, earning their unpublished highest loyalty tier due to many long-haul flights and a business trip every week or two. In recent years, he travels less, but his appreciation for finely-crafted travel products hasn’t waned. I’ve gone through our purchase history to find the luxury travel accessories he can’t live without, from noise-canceling headphones to his favorite travel bag and everything else. Whether you’re looking for yourself or for the best travel gifts, these luxury travel accessories for men have been road-tested over a long time and traveler-approved.

From travel essentials to unique travel gifts, our list has something for every travel style. We value quality and functionality in our travel gear, and suggest the best gifts for every budget. Read on for the best travel accessories for men.

There is an abundance of men’s travel accessories available at your fingertips, and finding the right luxury travel accessories that are both thoughtful and useful takes a lot of time and research. Here is a list of some of the best travel accessories that make the perfect luxury travel gifts for a husband, father, son, or best friend.

Best Travel Gifts – Travel Bags

TUMI Alpha 3 Extended Trip Expandable Suitcase

Why we love it: Super high quality, with thoughtful touches and durability

The perfect travel experience starts with the right gear. TUMI is our brand of choice for checked luggage – we have 3 hard-sided ones and 1 soft-sided one. Our most recent purchase is the Alpha 3 extended trip expandable 4-wheeled packing case. It holds a huge amount, has intelligently placed pockets and zippers, and the quality is just unmatched. 

Pro tip: get luggage in a color other than black to make it easier to find on the baggage carousel.

Nothing beats my wildly multi-color Jonathan Adler x TUMI checked bags, but they were a limited edition. A solid hard-case option by TUMI is this one.

Briggs & Riley Hardside Luggage

Why we love it: More affordable than TUMI, with a large capacity and TSA-friendly lock

If a hard-shelled suitcase is what you are looking for, this 30-inch Briggs and Riley suitcase is the perfect checked bag and luxury gift for someone who takes longer trips. You can be assured that all belongings will be well-protected, with the hard exterior and TSA approved locks. The case is easy to maneuver, and has three handle heights, as well as adjustable compression compartments, providing more space for clothes on those long trips.

Eddie Bauer Rolling Duffel Bag

Why we love it: it is thoughtfully designed to easily hold and transport belongings for a longer trip

This large, 34 inch Eddie Bauer Rolling Duffel Bag is lightweight, durable, and easy to maneuver. It contains a two-section main compartment, an odor-controlled laundry compartment for your garment bag, and a unique under-lid zipper closure to keep your belongings safe. This duffel case is thoughtfully designed with outdoor adventures in mind, allowing the traveler to maneuver it easily over rough terrain. And, with a volume of 129 liters, packing for those longer trips will be easy. 

Another thing to love about this Eddie Bauer bag is how long it lasts. I have a different version of this bag that has been going strong after more than 10 years. It just never wears out. The excellent quality is a marker of a true luxury travel accessory.

The Perfect Carry-On Bag

Why we love it: The makers of this bag have thought of everything, including anti-theft pocket, expansion, a USB charging port, and padded straps

 If you are looking for a carry-on bag that has all the room and compartments for your long-haul business or pleasure trip, look no further! This flight approved carry-on backpack fits neatly under the seat or in overhead compartments, but also expands, allowing up to 40 liters of storage space for all your personal items and accessories. An added bonus- it comes with four packing cubes of various sizes, including one that is water-resistant and can carry all of your compact toiletry items. 

One of the best things about travel backpacks (and this one in particular) is that even if you have a long walk to your gates, you remain comfortable with thick ventilated padding, breathable straps, and an adjustable chest strap. You can also attach it to your suitcase for easy transport. The great features don’t end there! It also comes with an anti-theft back pocket for your valuables, a USB port and a charging cable for easily charging your phone while on the go. This is the perfect gift for that traveler who needs to update that dated carry-on bag!

Packing Cubes

Compression Packing Cubes

Why we love them: You can get the most out of your luggage space with their compression feature!

Did you know there are packing cubes that can actually eliminate the need for a checked bag, even on longer trips? These compression packing cubes use a zipper system to eliminate the air and bulk out of your clothes. With two large bags, two small bags, a tube cube, and a garment bag, you can be fully packed for all kinds of weather and events in a carry-on bag with this set of carry-on cubes. For example, the large cube can hold a week’s worth of shirts, or a rain jacket, zip hoodie, long-sleeve t-shirt, and a sweater. These bags are lightweight, durable, and water resistant.

You can also purchase the checked cubes set, which comes with seven cubes and will fit seven to fourteen days of outfits, as well as bulky winter clothing.

Lightweight Packing Cubes

Why we love them: They don’t sacrifice class or practicality

For another great option, this set of 3 packing cubes from eBags will ensure that your clothes are easily found in your suitcase. The mesh makes it easy to see what’s inside and lets clothes breathe. These bags are durable and lightweight, so they will not add any unnecessary bulk to your suitcase. 

More recently, we’ve been getting a lot of mileage out of these vacuum bags, especially when paired with packing cubes. You put clothes in, seal it up, and apply pressure in order to squish out the air. This is super helpful with dirty clothes, because it keeps the smell locked in and away from your clean clothes. If you put some pressure on it (like kneel on it), you can get out a ton of air and then flatten out the bag to pack in your packing cube. 

Toiletries Bags

A toiletry bag is the perfect practical gift for the frequent traveler in your life. However, the right dopp kit is quite dependent on personal preference, as well as a person’s specific grooming routines. Depending on whether the traveler is a minimalist who has a simple daily routine, or he has a more extensive regime which includes an abundance of products, the perfect bag is out there. Here are a couple of favorites.

Time Resistance Leather Toiletries Bag

Why we love it: simple but sophisticated design 

With a spacious compartment and a frame that allows it to fully open, this classy Time Resistance Leather Toiletries Bag is the perfect gift for the business man on the go. Handmade in Italy and made of cowhide leather, the sleek design of this toiletries bag does not sacrifice on style. This dopp kit is also compact enough that it will be able to easily fit in a carry-on bag, while still containing enough room for all your essential items.

Bagsmart Large Toiletries Bag

Why we love it: separate your products into visible compartments in order to easily find them 

For those who need a little more space and prefer additional compartments, check out this large toiletries bag.  

With one large space and separate zipper compartments, as well as pockets with elastic straps to secure your shampoo and body wash bottles, this bag will fit everything you need for a long trip. The bag sits or hangs upright and allows for visible and easy access to all your toiletries.

Best Dopp Kit Accessories

Travel Razor

Why we love it: despite its compact and sleek design, it has amazing power

A razor is often a man’s best grooming friend, but packing a bulky corded razor around for a trip is not the most practical, and different voltages cause regular problems when traveling internationally. This Norelco One Blade Hybrid Trimmer is cordless and rechargeable, so it will be ready to go wherever your travels take you or your loved one. 

We have this one and love that it’s both tiny and powerful, which is perfect when you need lots of functionality in a small package.

Bar Soap Holder

Why we love it: Pack your favorite bar soap without it getting mushy 

This is something you don’t know you need until you know it’s out there. Soap bars can be a real mess to pack. This soap container is a no-brainer for those who prefer to bring their own soap bars. With vents to allow the soap to dry while sealed in the container, you don’t have to worry about your soap becoming mushy and gross. The container holds most standard body soap bars and shampoo bars, and has a seal to prevent any leakage, so you can effectively pack along your favorite soaps without worrying about it getting everywhere.

Travel Toiletry Bottles 

Why we love them: Pack your favorite shower products in practical sizes without worrying about shampoo leaks all over your belongings 

These leak-proof silicone travel bottles are perfect for taking along your favorite shampoo, conditioner and body wash, in a small carry-on size. Made of BPA-free food-grade silicone, these bottles are squeezable and safe to use – perfect for any toiletry kit.

Travel Case for Glasses and Watches

Why we love it: Keep your glasses and watches in one protected compartment while you travel

This travel case makes it super easy to store your glasses and watches, and gives you one place to return your accessories at night in your hotel room, to help you keep track of all your belongings and prevent scratches or damage. 

Best Travel Wallets

Conceal Plus RFID-Blocking Wallet

Why we love it: RFID-blocking to protect your personal information in a space-saving design

The RFID-blocking wallet my husband uses isn’t sold anymore, but this one is very similar. He loves how small and lightweight it is, and how the cards accordion out so he has easy access to the one he wants without opening the whole wallet. He uses this wallet every day – he doesn’t have a wallet for home and one for travel. If you’re looking for a new travel wallet or a practical gift, this one is a great choice.

Get yours here.

Fossil Passport Case

Why we love it: A simple sleek design that can be paired with the Fossil wallet for a perfect matching gift

This Fossil RFID-Blocking Leather Passport Case is a stylish and good passport holder, and can also hold your credit cards, ID, cash, and change, with a zipper pocket.

Money Belt

Why we love it: a perfectly concealed way to keep cash, credit cards, and important travel documents safe

Knowing exactly where your most important belongings are at all times can provide the ultimate peace of mind while traveling. This concealed money pouch is a great gift for the traveling man in your life. With a comfortable elastic waistband and water-resistant, breathable material, this travel pouch has seven RFID blocking sleeves for a passport and credit cards. It even has room for your cell phone, and is an easy way to safely store and keep track of your car keys, with a carabiner clip to secure them. 

Best Luxury Travel Gifts – The Right Accessories

For something to qualify in my mind as a luxury travel accessory for men, it needs to be a few things: functional, stylish, high quality, and necessary. My love for a carry-on is well documented, and I won’t sacrifice space for anything that is not a true essential. 

These men’s luxury travel accessories are excellent gift ideas because they meet all these criteria and nearly all have been personally purchased and tested by the Wanderlux family.

Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Why we love it: Conform this neck pillow to your own preferred shape

Neck pillows are super common, but having the right neck pillow will make all the difference in the ability to get some quality shut eye on that flight.This memory foam travel pillow can be twisted into any shape to support your neck and head while sleeping on the plane. Whether you are in the middle, aisle seat, or a window seat traveler, this pillow can conform to any shape you need.

Loop Around Pillow

This Trtl loop around neck pillow holds your head and neck in an optimal ergonomic fit, better than a traditional travel pillow. It contains breathable, hypoallergenic fleece, is compact and easy to carry, and is adjustable to fit any neck size.

I’m lucky enough to lay flat on many long flights, but I used the Trtl pillow on last year’s trip to Iceland and it was surprisingly nice not to have my neck fall over too far to the side. The Trtl really keeps your head almost upright, yet comfortable and supported.

Premium Sleep Mask

Why we love it: super comfortable and has a black-out liner

Since this is a post about the best men’s luxury travel accessories, I’ll share my husband’s favorite sleep mask, the BeHoomi sleep mask.

It is a total blackout mask, with a contoured cup that has plenty of room for your eyes – nothing is going to be pressing on your eyes and giving you a headache here! It is lightweight, doesn’t leave marks, and is adjustable so it can fit everyone.

My favorite, however, is the Tempur-Pedic sleep mask. My Amazon purchase history says I’ve bought it 8 times, mostly to give as gifts to friends and family. I love how soft and moldable it is, how blackout it is, and that it is adjustable. Either of these masks are top picks.

Cashmere Blanket

Why we love it: it’s soft, warm, luxurious and classy

This Cashmere throw blanket is super soft and warm, making it the perfect luxury gift for that special someone who takes long-haul flights. Its size makes it a great travel blanket; big enough to cover yourself with, but small enough to easily pack in your carry-on bag. Bonus: you’ve got an extra blanket for road trips, or a little extra comfort and reminder of home for nights in your hotel room.

Filtered Water Bottle

Why we love it: enjoy filtered water wherever you go

Check out this Larq filtered water bottle with a long-lasting filter that will eliminate contaminants, such as lead, heavy metals and chlorine, allowing you to be assured that the water you drink anywhere you go is clean and tastes good. With a built-in straw and detachable carabiner, this is the perfect companion on your trip to keep you hydrated and feeling good. 

One thing to note – I have a Larq bottle and was surprised at how heavy it is…it’s the battery and filter that add heft, so don’t be surprised if your carry-on feels a little my weighty than usual.

Olukai Slip-On Shoes

Why we love them: versatile style, comfort, and convenience

If there’s a few connections involved in the flight itinerary, chances are there’s going to be a decent amount of walking in airports. You want to make sure your shoes are comfortable enough for this. Check out these Olukai Leather Slip-On Shoes, which will look equally great with a pair of sweats or dress pants. 

A Great Travel Gift – The Best Tech Accessories

Bose Headphones

Why we love them: amazing noise-canceling technology and easy App access

These Bose Noise Canceling Headphones are a great choice for bringing along on that long-haul flight, when you want to enjoy your music, podcast or phone call without distractions. These headphones have the technology so that your voice will sound crystal clear, even up in the air. They are equipped with intuitive touch control, providing easy access to Alexa and Google Assistant for your favorite apps such as music and weather. And, with a single charge, you can get up to 20 hours of wireless battery life.

Safely pack these beauties with this Protective Hard Shell Travel Carrying Case. Designed with a super hard shell and soft material inside, this case is shockproof, pressure resistant, and splash resistant, giving your headphones full protection. The double-layer mesh pocket stores the cable separately, and there is a convenient hand strap.

Beats Studio Buds

Why we love them: Noise-canceling or transparency mode and four different sizes 

If ear-buds are the preferred style of headphones, check out these Beats Studio Buds. Taking phone calls on the ‘fly’ is super easy with a built-in microphone, and excellent, immersive sound quality. These sweat-resistant earbuds provide up to 36 hours of listening time, and you can choose from four different tip sizes so that they perfectly fit your ears. You can also choose between noise-canceling mode or transparency mode, making it easy to make the switch when you need to hear important information during a flight.

Bose Portable Speaker

Why we love it: You can have great sound anywhere you go, and also answer those important phone calls with clear reception

This Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Portable Speaker is a great gift for the traveler who loves to have high quality sound for music, podcasts, or business calls. Or, perhaps he needs to take an online seminar and needs quality sound. This Bose portable speaker gives out 360 degree sound and has a built-in microphone to easily take calls as needed. 

It’s made for the outdoors, waterproof, and built to resist water, dust, and debris. 

Download the Bose App, and you can easily drag and drop different devices to connect to the speaker. You can also create surround sound with multiple Bose speakers! To ensure its safe travel, pick up its  companion case and add it to your carry-on bag.

All-In-One Charging Station

Why we love it: you can charge all your devices simultaneously

If you are traveling with multiple electronics, packing along a single charging station is so much easier than packing multiple chargers and plug-ins. This Anker GaNPrime Charging Station is the perfect gift for the businessman who is traveling with their portable office.

Anker is my techie husband’s brand of choice for all things electronics, and this is one of his must-haves in his travel bag. This little device is a 5-port power strip, offering 2 fast-charging USB ports (type C), 2 AC outlets, and a USB-A port. It’s powerful, small, and protective, with an intelligent temperature monitor.

Cable Organizer

Why we love it: spare the hassle of your charging cords getting tangled up and lost in your bag 

Along with a universal charging station, another great stocking stuffer for that person who is packing multiple devices on their travels is this cable organizer pouch. It is compact and easy to fit into your travel bag or laptop bag. With a waterproof lining inside and a soft sponge material to protect your accessories, this pouch gives you an easy way to find that one cable you need asap – without carrying around loose cable ties.

All-In-One Storage for Cables and Phones

Why we love it: fit your cables, cell phone and/or external hard drive in one of the handy compartments 

If you are traveling on a business trip, chances are you will have more than just your phone and its charging cable to pack around. This cable organizer bag comes with larger pouches for storing additional things like your phone or mouse, and is available in an assortment of fun colors. It is also designed with waterproof material, and comes with a hand strap.

Apple World Travel Adaptor Kit

Why we love it: Convenience and safety for your critical Apple devices

This Apple World Travel Adaptor Kit is the perfect stocking stuffer for those people taking international travel flights and need to be able to plug in their Apple devices in any country. With this kit, you will not need to worry about successfully charging your iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac notebook, wherever you are.

Universal Travel Adaptor

Why we love it: Never worry about connecting any of your electronic devices

Another option for a travel adaptor is this Universal Travel Adapter, which has clever sliders to make it compatible with EU, UK, and USA/AUS plug types. Overall, it covers over 150 countries (but not South Africa or India). 

It allows you to charge up to six devices at once, with 4 USB-A ports, 1 USB-C port, and 1 AC outlet. My husband bought multiples of these – it’s a workhorse in his travel bag.

Apple Air Tag

Why we love it: easily keep track of your luggage

Keep track of your luggage easily with an Apple Air Tag. Using the Find My Network, you can find your luggage from long distances away, or have it play a tune to find your bag quickly. 

DJI Mini 2 Foldable Drone

Why we love it: A fantastic gift for the tech enthusiast who loves to capture professional quality photos

Looking for a unique travel gift for that special someone? This compact, foldable drone is super easy to travel with, and allows you to capture the perfect shot from the best vantage point. It has 4X zoom capability,  a 12mp camera, and a ten kilometer range. Weighing only 249 grams, it can fit in your hand, and revolutionizes the way you can capture all your favorite travel memories.The compatible Dji app allows you to make professional-quality videos, and easily post them to your social media. 

Be sure to always check restrictions on drone usage in your destination to prevent confiscation or legal troubles.

Wrap Up

Any man in your life is going to appreciate you gifting him the best travel accessories. From drones to chargers to toiletries to bags, we’ve got you covered as you set your favorite guy up for long flights, family trips, business trips, and more. Here’s to gifting!

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