Coyote Restaurant – Best Margarita in Pescadero, Mexico

Pescadero, Mexico, sits 15 minutes south of Todos Santos, and 1 hour north of Cabo San Lucas. Tucked on the Pacific side of the Baja California peninsula, it’s convenient enough to enjoy the amenities of the Cabo corridor while being secluded enough to avoid tourist traps and bachelorette parties. 

If you want a slightly-sleepier Mexico with a granola/crunchy vibe, Pescadero might be just the place. 

Don’t be fooled by its nameless dirt roads, though – Pescadero’s restaurants punch way above their weight. Today’s review is of Coyote, the restaurant at El Perdido Resort.

Walking into Coyote Restaurant in Pescadero, Mexico

Best Restaurants in Pescadero – Coyote

I instantly fell in love with Coyote’s ability to take a patch of desert landscape and make it cozy, hip, and memorable. The restaurant kitchen is an old Airstream trailer, with a pizza brick oven nearby. Drinks are made in the nearby bar, and they are not to be missed.

Coyote serves Mexican-Italian cuisine with lots of seafood, pizza, and even a vegetarian dish or two that stand alone. Reservations are recommended during high season, as there are only a handful of tables.

Everything at Coyote Restaurant in Pescadero has the same vibe – fun, punchy, and hip – even the coasters

El Pescadero Restaurants – Coyote at El Perdido Basics

Coyote is open for lunch daily from 12-3 and for dinner from 6-10. Reservations are available on OpenTable and are recommended.

Live music might be on while you are visiting, as it was one of the two times we visited recently.

The entrance to Coyote at El Perdido Resort

Coyote Restaurant Review – Arrival and Staff

Even before you “enter” Coyote – that is to say, before you go from the middle of the nowhere to a covered and very vibe-y middle of nowhere, you can feel that something is different here. You are greeted with a hand sanitizing station and a boulder with a fun inscription on it. Colored lights set the mood.

Message on a boulder at the entrance to Coyote Restaurant in Pescadero, Mexico

The staff speaks native Spanish and excellent English, so communication won’t be an issue. We were greeted promptly and quickly shown to a table. On my two visits to Coyote, I had a reservation once and did not another time. Both times, we arrived as they opened at 6 pm and were able to be seated right away.

One of our favorite elements of Coyote is how thoughtful the restaurant is. There are baskets of blankets and bug spray within reach of each table, making it easy to stay comfortable. Some of the tables have electric heaters hung overhead, which helps on chilly nights.

A molcajete with rosemary to keep the bugs away

When you arrive, a waiter will bring a flaming bowl of rosemary your way to help keep the flies and other bugs away. It smells great, is fun to look at, and is natural and effective – a win for all.

Easily the best margaritas we had in Pescadero

Coyote – Best Pescadero Restaurant – Food and Drinks

The strawberry margarita at Coyote was the best margarita I had anywhere in Pescadero…and I don’t even love flavored margs. The strawberry was fresh, not too sweet, and so good. My husband got the spicy margarita “skinny” and we both agreed these were the best drinks we’d had in Pescadero.

The bar at Coyote restaurant

We even got some drinks to go – gotta love Mexico!

Caesar salad at Coyote Restaurant, El Pescadero

We sampled several dishes and they were all delicious. Between our two visits, our group had the caesar salad, tuna tartar, fire-roasted shrimp, margherita pizza, pork chop, tabouleh, and catch of the day.

Fire-roasted shrimp at Coyote Restaurant in El Pescadero – so tasty, but a bit too small

They were all tasty and unexpected, with flavors melding together in a way I definitely didn’t expect on a dirt road in Mexico. This is casual food, but elevated.

Is Coyote in Pescadero Kid-Friendly?

Yes! The first time we went, there was a large group that looked like 3 families. Kids were running around, having fun, and bothering no one. On our second visit, we took our own family, and the staff was excellent with kids. Ours loved the pizza!

We saw a mix of people at the restaurant – lots of couples of different ages, groups of friends, as well as families. It can entertain all types of folks and is suitable for everyone, as long as they can walk down the stone stairs from the parking lot to the restaurant area.

Coyote restaurant, lit up at night

Coyote Restaurant Review – Where to Improve

Though we truly loved Coyote, there are a few areas the restaurant could improve. On both visits, there were menu items unavailable. On a somewhat-limited menu, this was a disappointment, however I understand they are likely facing the same supply chain issues as so many other places these days.

One thing within their control is that there is only one bathroom for the entire restaurant. That led to lines, awkward conversations, and pretty much every patron in the restaurant knowing what you were doing. A small but meaningful change would be to add a bathroom.

Finally, the portion sizes are a bit small. You will definitely want a starter and a main course to get full – don’t be shy on ordering!

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