Kid-Friendly “Tournament of the Kings” Las Vegas Review 

If you’re planning a family trip to Las Vegas, the Tournament of the Kings at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino might catch your eye. This dinner show promises a night of medieval sword fighting, interactive experiences, and a traditionally medieval-style meal, but is it worth your time and ticket price? This Tournament of the Kings Las Vegas Review will help you decide if it is worth the visit.

First Impressions

The night starts even before you enter King Arthur’s Arena, as the line to get in can be quite long. 

We arrived at 5:40 PM, just ten minutes after the doors opened, and were greeted by a line of about 100 people deep. Fortunately, it moved quickly, and we were seated within about ten minutes. However, this wasn’t the best first impression, especially with kids in tow.

Once inside, you’re directed to your section, which determines who you’ll be cheering for during the show. Unfortunately, this wasn’t clearly communicated ahead of time. As it turned out, we were seated in the “bad guy” section and had to cheer for him for the entire show, which I didn’t love. One plus was that we had a very clear stage view and it seemed as though most everyone at the event did based on how the seating was set up.

Then the seats, while padded and relatively comfortable, showed signs of wear and tear, reflecting the overall aged feel of the theater. Looking around you could see plenty of wear and tear including a lot of knicks and chips on furniture and paint. It definitely showed its age.

Worn Seats

The Dining Experience

Everyone is served the same meal, medieval-style, which was a unique experience, but also inconvenient. 

The Tournament of Kings Dinner included a Cornish game hen, baby potatoes, a small corn on the cob, a dinner roll, and an apple strudel for dessert. I wouldn’t say it was a great dinner, but it worked well with the theme.

For those with dietary restrictions, like my husband, who required a gluten-free option, adjustments were made. For example, he received a fruit cup instead of the strudel. 

The food was decent, though not phenomenal, and eating with our hands felt more like a cost-saving measure than an authentic medieval experience. They didn’t offer plates or silverware. The meal was served on a platter, and that is it. The kids enjoyed the good food, though, and there was plenty for everyone. 

The Show

Knight being introduced

The show started with Merlin setting the scene, followed by performances from King Arthur and his knights, with sword fights, dancing girls, and audience participation. While the storyline was engaging for kids, it felt simplistic and overly theatrical from an adult perspective. The competition, featuring knights on real horses performing tricks and races, was predictably staged, with obvious winners and fake fights.

Knights before the joust
Fight Scene

The volume of the microphones and the overall sound were extremely loud, which was quite intense for a family-friendly show. The unexpected cannon blasts were startling and unnecessary, especially for a show aimed at younger audiences. 


Despite this, the kids were thoroughly entertained and loved cheering for their section, particularly when the dragon section cheers erupted. I will say that how they had the event set up led to some great audience interaction.

Overall Impression

In conclusion, my Tournament of the Kings Las Vegas review is mixed. 

While the kids had a great time and the show is undoubtedly geared towards a younger audience, it was underwhelming from an adult’s point of view. The medieval theme and costumes, combined with the interactive experience, made for a fun evening, but the aged venue and overly theatrical elements didn’t hit the mark as a great show when it came to Las Vegas standards.

Would I recommend the Tournament of the Kings? With reservations. It’s a good experience for kids in Las Vegas, offering a unique medieval feast and engaging audience interaction. However, it’s not a high-end experience, and I wouldn’t go back without the kids. Perhaps if they offered a VIP experience or addressed some of the issues like sound volume and clearer seating information, it might be more appealing. 

​We experienced a few other events, many geared toward kids, that I would recommend instead including The Blue Man Group and Cirque du Soleil. I’d suggest choosing one of those kid-friendly Vegas experiences over purchasing Tournament of the Kings tickets or heading to another one of the best kid-friendly experiences in Las Vegas.


I'm Ashley, the founder of Wanderlux and a travel junkie. When I'm not at home near Seattle, Washington, you can find me on the beach in Mexico or traveling the world. Wherever I am, I aim to travel respectfully, show my kids new things, and learn more than I teach.




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