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15 Best Rooftop Bars and Restaurants in Seattle

Rooftop Restaurants Seattle Many of the best rooftop restaurants in Washington State can be found in the Seattle area. Not only is the city’s skyline a great view in itself, but the waterfront...

Traveling in Iceland with Food Allergies

Traveling to Iceland with food allergies can be a daunting idea, but it is entirely possible to stay safe and enjoy your time on the island. Our family has anaphylactic allergies to...

Best Wine Tasting Experience in Woodinville Washington

Woodinville, Washington is home to some of the best wineries in the country, and if you're looking for a truly memorable wine tasting experience, this is the place to be. There are...

Traveling in Israel with Food Allergies

One of the more nerve-wracking aspects of traveling internationally for our family is handling our food allergies. My husband is allergic to gluten and will suffer for days afterward if any sneaks...

Family-Friendly Restaurants in L.A. (2023)

One of the hardest things I face when planning travel for my family is figuring out where and what we’re going to eat. I think this is true for any parent, but...

Coyote Restaurant – Best Margarita in Pescadero, Mexico

Pescadero, Mexico, sits 15 minutes south of Todos Santos, and 1 hour north of Cabo San Lucas. Tucked on the Pacific side of the Baja California peninsula, it’s convenient enough to enjoy...

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