BottleRock Music Festival VIP vs Platinum

The BottleRock 2023 lineup was recently announced, and that means a scramble for tickets! If you’re looking for a luxury experience, how do you decide between VIP and Platinum tickets?

BottleRock VIP and Platinum tickets share a lot of the same perks, including:

  • Access to the VIP Village (more on this below)
  • Upgraded bathroom trailers
  • VIP music stage for exclusive performances
  • Reserved seating at the main stage and priority seating at other stages
  • Reserved lines for festival entry

Before we go further, please note that this post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase from our link, we receive a small commission at no charge to you. I bought our BottleRock platinum tickets at full price, and all opinions on BottleRock, BottleRock Platinum and VIP, are my own.

BottleRock VIP Village Review

As a VIP or Platinum ticket holder at BottleRock, you will enjoy access to the VIP Village, a restricted area for VIP and Platinum guests. In the village is a food court with around a dozen speciality vendors and picnic tables. Nearby, there is a small, lounge-like covered stage for more intimate jam sessions with musicians.

The VIP Village also has upgraded bathroom trailers, though in 2021, they couldn’t keep up with the demand and things got pretty funky at times.

The VIP Village offers a quick corridor between the two main stages, meaning you can quickly get from one show to another without leaving the VIP Village. This is a big benefit that saves a lot of time and helps you get a good spot as you switch between bands.

Lastly, the VIP Village has a dedicated merchandise stand, saving you time in line. From what I could tell, it sold the full variety of BottleRock merchandise, so you don’t have to look elsewhere or fear FOMO.

BottleRock VIP vs Platinum

Though they are both marketed as upgraded festival experiences – and they are – Platinum offers a lot of upgrades to VIP. Take a look at our full review of the BottleRock Platinum experience.

The biggest difference between Platinum and VIP at BottleRock is the Platinum lounge, an indoor, air-conditioned (this is important!) lounge with free food and drink. It is within the VIP Village but accessible only to Platinum wristband holders.

The Platinum area of the VIP Village includes free lockers, which is super helpful for storing things you might need access to throughout the day but don’t want to carry around with you.

Other major differences between VIP and Platinum include:

  • Dedicated, free parking and walk-up entrance for Platinum guests
  • Sparkling wine welcome at the Platinum entrance
  • Golf carts on demand to take you to and from the Platinum parking area to the Platinum lounge
  • Dedicated, Platinum-only bathroom trailers – never any waiting!
  • Meet and greet privileges with BottleRock artists
  • Platinum concierge before and during the festival to help with planning and logistics
  • Free swag (hats and sunglasses)
  • Platinum-only viewing areas, including backstage and a Platinum-only bar at the sound booth at the main stage

BottleRock VIP or Platinum Tickets

One thing to note is that VIP tickets can be purchased in 1-day or 3-day packages, whereas Platinum is only offered as a 3-day package unless you are a guest of a suite.

What about the Skydeck or the Amex Bonvoy Suite?

Honestly, these areas were not as exciting as we thought they were going to be, especially from a viewing perspective. They are covered, and there is seating, which is nice, but they are far back and to the sides of the main stage, which means you are probably paying more attention to the giant screens projecting the musicians rather than looking directly at them. The Platinum pass, however, has you in the front row, and it makes a huge difference. The musicians interact with you when you are that close, and several even remembered seeing us in the meet and greet after their show.

Lastly, the skydeck and the suites are only at the main stage, so you don’t have as good of an experience at the other stages.

Should You Choose VIP or Platinum at BottleRock?

Price is obviously a consideration when choosing between Platinum and VIP passes at BottleRock. If you are wanting a true luxury experience and you can afford to pay up, Platinum is definitely worth the extra money. The organizers go out of their way to make Platinum feel exclusive, convenient, and best-in-class.

Which pass will you be snatching up at BottleRock this year? Grab your tickets today.

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