Best Seats for the MLB All-Star Game (2023)

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Seattle is home to the MLB All-Star Week in 2023, also known as the Midsummer Classic. Events run from Friday, July 7 to Tuesday, July 11, and they don’t all happen at T-Mobile Park.

If you’re planning on getting your tickets for the 2023 All-Star Game, you need to know the details about T-Mobile Park and the best seats at the Mariners.

It’s no secret that my favorite seats at T-Mobile Park are my own in the Press Club. If you’re not familiar with the Press Club, it is the newest VIP offering at T-Mobile Park. Get a sneak peek with our in-depth review of the Press Club.

Before we review the best seats for all the events, let’s run through the schedule for All-Star Week.

T-Mobile Park seating chart

All-Star Week Events

A strip to All-Star Week gets you a lot more than just the All-Star Game. All-Star Week strips include access to every All-Star Week event. If you can’t attend them all, many ticket holders will resell portions of their All-Star Week strip, so you can pick the events that work for you. The full list of All-Star Week activities includes:

HBCU Swingman Classic

When: Friday, July 7

Where: T-Mobile Park

2023 will feature the first-ever HBCU Swingman Classic on July 7, which will highlight the history and legacy of baseball programs at historically Black colleges and universities. It will also give 50 HBCU Division-1 athletes the chance to showcase their talents on the national stage. Participants will be selected by a committee that includes Ken Griffey Jr, representatives from MLB and MBLPA, and scouts.


When: July 8-11

Where: Lumen Field

This isn’t a specific event so much as a festival running next door at Lumen Field, where the Seattle Seahawks play. The stadiums are next to each other, so it makes for easy access during All-Star Week.

The park will give fans a chance to play baseball and softball themselves, check out batting cages, pitching tunnels, and diamonds, see the real World Series Trophy and other MLB hardware, and lots more. See demos, drills, and games with current players, Hall of Famers, Futures Game stars, former All-Stars, coaches, and Olympians.

Visitors can also check out the Gaming Zone to try baseball video games, and experience hitting your own home run at T-Mobile Park with a VR experience. There will be autograph sessions, prizes, scavenger hunts, and more, so All-Star Week strip holders will have lots of reasons to return.

MLB All-Star Celebrity Softball Game

When: Saturday, July 8

Where: T-Mobile Park

The celebrity softball game will be on July 8 at T-Mobile Park and will feature some of the biggest names in Hollywood alongside rising stars, baseball legends and softball Olympians. It’s an exhibition and a chance to see your favorite stars outside their comfort zone!

SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game

When: Saturday, July 8

Where: T-Mobile Park

The Futures game will showcase top MLB prospects and young stars on their way to the big leagues. Players you see in this game may very well be on your home team in the years to come!

MLB Draft

When: July 9-11

Where: Unannounced

The Draft will feature 20 rounds across 3 days. If you’ve been following rising stars, you won’t want to miss the suspense and pageantry of the Draft!

Gatorade All-Star Workout Day

When: Monday, July 10

Where: T-Mobile Park

The workout day is the first chance for fans to see their favorite stars, as they engage in batting practice leading up to the home run derby.

T-Mobile Home Run Derby

When: Monday, July 10, 1 pm

Where: T-Mobile Park

The T-Mobile Home Run Derby is the second-most sought after ticket at All-Star Week, where you can see the best of the MLB slug it out for champion status. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing a home run, and at the Derby, you’ll see a lot of them.

All-Star Game presented by Mastercard

When: Tuesday, July 11

Where: T-Mobile Park

The crown jewel of All-Star Week is, of course, the All-Star Game itself. Seattle is host to the game for just the 3rd time in its history and for the first time in 22 years. Come to see the best of the best battle it out and crown a new champion.

Where to Sit at T-Mobile Park for All-Star Week

All-Star Week offers visitors a chance to see our beautiful stadium and get up-close with all the best players in the MLB. Whether you’re going just for the All-Star Game or for the entire week’s events, picking the right seat is crucial to your experience.

The best seat for you depends a lot on what you care about.

Objectively, the best seats at T-Mobile Park are in the Press Club, followed closely by the Diamond Club. The Diamond Club and Press Club are similar, but with a few key differences. The seats are meaningfully larger and more spread out in the Press Club, come with a built-in table, and are on the club level (3rd level).

The Diamond Club, meanwhile, has upgraded seats from the standard stadium seats but they are a big step down from the Press Club. They are right behind home plate, however, and if you’re looking to be close to the action, that is going to be a better fit for you than the Press Club.

The food and drinks are similar across both clubs, with slightly better offerings in the Press Club, but with dedicated stations for coffee and desserts in the Diamond Club (giving it a wider variety than the Press Club).

Press Club Seats at All-Star Week

My press club seats available for the All-Star Game 2023

I have 4 Press Club seats available for all All-Star Week events in section 4, row 2, seats 11-14. Tickets include:

  1. Unlimited food and drinks, including top shelf liquor, wine, and beer
  2. Private entrance and private security screening
  3. Access to the Press Club lounge, with couches, TVs, dining tables, and a private merchandise store
  4. 1 VIP parking pass for every 2 seats purchased – selling for over $100 each if purchased separately
  5. Guaranteed swag – don’t worry about being one of the first 10,000 in the door!
  6. In-seat dining and drink service
  7. The largest, most spacious seats in the ballpark
  8. Private bathrooms only for Press Club visitors
  9. Aisle seats in row 2

If you’re interested in purchasing Press Club tickets for All-Star Week, tap the button below or scan the QR code to chat with me on WhatsApp. Not on WhatsApp? Send me an email at ashley at wanderlux dot com.

Or scan this QR code with your phone to message me directly in WhatsApp to reserve your tickets.

Premium and Standard Seats at All-Star Week at T-Mobile Park

Other upgraded seat options include:

  • All-Star Club
  • Terrace Club
  • Private Suite

If you are looking to save some money but still enjoy all that All-Star Week has to offer, check out the main level. Our favorite sections are 109 (because of the food options!) and 120 is another one with a good view and centrally located.

Best Value Seats at the All-Star Game

A 2016 photo from the View Level seats along right field – likely Section 316-320

All-Star Week events are in high demand, so there aren’t going to be a lot of value options for these events, but the seating areas that are typically the cheapest will continue to be the cheapest during the All-Star Game.

Those include the View Level seats (Section 3XX) and the Bleacher seats (Sections 180-195). You can still see plenty from the View seats, and the prices will be meaningfully lower than the Main or Club level options.

The Best Seats at T-Mobile Park

Best is in the eye of the beholder, but there are certain top choices based on what you’re looking for.

Best Seats: Press Club

Best View: Press Club, private suite, or Diamond Club, depending on your preference for view vs close to the action

Closest to Home Plate: Diamond Club

Best for Food: Press Club and Diamond Club have the best food (all-inclusive food and drinks!); in the main part of the stadium, we pick Section 109 for its proximity to Moto Pizza, or The ‘Pen, for its variety of food options

Most Private: Suite

Cheapest Seats: Bleacher seats (Section 180-195) or standing room only

Ready to nab your seats for All-Star Week?

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